Turning a Negative Experience for Better (or Worse?)

A few days ago I was stranded around Mal Ambasador and found it hard to catch a ride home. I tried Gojek and Grab to no success and ended up waiting an hour before finally getting a car ride.

The next day, I checked my email and found an email from Grab granting me a free ride. Hmmm that's not so bad. I put it at the back of my head until the next time I need to catch a bike ride, which turned out to be today. 


It started when Nurse Ririn visited us for home care, 3 days after Ithaka's birth. She pointed out things to observe, to make sure the baby is taking in enough milk and prevent jaundice. Mentioned were soft spot on the forehead, skin colour and reaction to light tapping, and frequency of pee and poop. She asked how many times the baby peed the day before. I couldn't tell. 

Experiencing... Pregnancy Test Pack

It was a lazy Friday evening and I got bored. I looked around my room to find something new to do. I ended up experimenting with products I’ve never used before: pregnancy test packs. The 3 products have the same function, but each with a distinctive form and different way of using. For easier reference, I name them The Paper, The Stick, and The Well.