Fixing a Broken Heart

Broken heart happens. Fixing it is quite a big deal. Yet many people always try to help their significant ones getting through it. Mostly by listening and providing words of wisdom (or cliché?). Well, there are many more creative discreet ways to fix a broken heart. The following are some experience I did, I had, or I heard.

A cousin secretly forced one of his friend to make a move on his cousin. Approached with some random talk, drew some laughs. It wasn't meant to lead to somewhere further, but at least the cousin felt she was still attractive to guys.

A gang of girls dragged themselves to a basketball match, where they could scream and shout as loudly as they wanted. It took place when one of the girls had been broken up. Yes, her boyfriend cheated on her.

A young man offered his best mate an afternoon tea time over his rooftop. Except that the tea is actually vanilla cigarillo. Sharing taste, smoke, and thought surrounded by the view of almost-sunset, the man successfully put the girl a little bit on the top.

A fashion stylist gave her friend a makeover.  She helped her reinvent who she was and who she wasn't. All by trying out, mix-and-match different outfits and knick-knacks on her.

A girl brought homemade cookies for her friend. It was his birthday, it was a couple days before Eid Mubarak, his parents were out of town, and he just got dumped.

An adventurer took her best mate on a long hike. Getting closer with mother nature, the earth, The God Almighty. His heart was finally at ease for a moment.

Two teenage girls spent an afternoon on an overpass, watching the vehicles went by. Another pedestrian mistakenly thought they were going to jump. Of course it didn't even cross their mind, as they were just done praying and reflecting at a mosque nearby.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I, myself, am not that great in helping people recover from break-oops! The healing actually depends on the broken-hearted him/herself. Let them progress, check them once in a while. I mean, as long as they're not putting anyone's life in danger, they should be doing fine. Later on, this "fine" would turn into "awesome" (okay, I've watched too much of "How I Met Your Mother" :D).

"In the end and then, all will be forgiven and we'll all laugh about this."
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