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Turning a Negative Experience for Better (or Worse?)

A few days ago I was stranded around Mal Ambasador and found it hard to catch a ride home. I tried Gojek and Grab to no success and ended up waiting an hour before finally getting a car ride.

The next day, I checked my email and found an email from Grab granting me a free ride. Hmmm that's not so bad. I put it at the back of my head until the next time I need to catch a bike ride, which turned out to be today. 

Experiencing... Pregnancy Test Pack

It was a lazy Friday evening and I got bored. I looked around my room to find something new to do. I ended up experimenting with products I’ve never used before: pregnancy test packs. The 3 products have the same function, but each with a distinctive form and different way of using. For easier reference, I name them The Paper, The Stick, and The Well.